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About Us: Parax Stone Paper
About Parax: Paper made from Stone

Parax Stone Paper

To Protect, Create and Inspire

Parax Paper is the truly ecological paper available in the UK. Passionate about creating beautiful, innovative products from stone paper, we supply finished goods to market leading retailers and valued local franchises throughout the country.

Stone paper is neither pulp nor synthetic made paper, but rather a combination largely (80%) of mineral powder (Calcium Carbonate/limestone) with a small amount (20%approx) of a non-toxic photodegradable resin (PE) to create an extremely environmentally friendly paper. Together these materials create a paper that is water- proof and tear resistant.
Environmental Attributes

Our innovative and eco-friendly products are made from calcium carbonate and high density non-toxic polyethylene. Not a single tree, fiber, acid, base or bleach is used in this water-free process. Parax Paper is a tested high-quality product offering an intelligent choice for all types of printing and conversion needs. Tree-free, waterproof, grease and oil proof, natural paper made from stone is purely made for a wide variety of applications.

Not only does Parax Paper accomodate traditional paper needs, but also synthetic paper applications, replacing Yupo and Tyvek in many uses. Numerous applications include, but are not limited to, soap wrappers, tickets, labels, notebooks, notepads, promotional products, paper bags etc. Parax Paper is an intelligent choice for all applications demanding durable, superior and environmentally-friendly paper. Welcome to the new stone paper revolution!

Parax Paper: Stone Age

Made from 80% limestone and 20% non-toxic HDPE, Parax Paper is the first to undergo revolutionary paper-making technology .
Through enduring research and development combined with ultra-modern technology, Parax Paper is now readily available to everyone. Beginning with sourcing raw materials to production, end-use and finally degradation or recycling.
Stone paper functions as paper, performing and often surpassing all requirements for a multitude of conversions and print jobs.

Bespoke and Own Label Services

If you like to make your promotional material, leaflets, brochures etc... from an alternative eco-friendly stone paper we are more than happy to oblige.

Similary, for bespoke retail bags to cosmetics packages and anything in between, we can make them from Parax Stone Paper for you.