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Paper made from Stone
Revolutionary, Eco Friendly Paper
UK Green Champion 2013

Parax Stone Paper is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional pulp paper.

In addition to cutting trees, pulp paper production requires huge amounts of water and chemicals; thus not only destroying trees, but also causing serious water and air pollution. Not to mention the catastrophics effects on wild life and biodiversity of natural forests.

The recognition that half of the timber harvested worldwide is used to make paper is the drive behind development and mass marketing of this product. Fibreless, pulp-free, naturally white product that uses absolutely no trees, water, bleach or acid in its production.

Unlike most recycled papers that are course, uneven and of general poor quality, Parax Stone Paper is naturally white, amazingly smooth to the touch and offers a matt, lux finish, that is a real joy to write on with any ordinary ball pen.

The most common use of Parax Stone Paper is: notebooks, notepads, planners, calendars, envelopes and labels. As well as packaging, gift bags, maps, posters, catalogues, brochures, wrapping paper, retail bags etc... the possibilities are endless.

Parax Paper is voted the UK Green Champion 2013. Read more here

Parax Paper is shortlisted for EBAE 2014. Read more here.

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At a Glance

100% Tree/ Pulp/ Wood Free

No Water Used

No Bleach Used

50% Less Energy Used

50% Less CO2


Tear Resistant



No Toxic Fumes

Naturally White, Smooth and Luxurious To Write On

Just in case you miss all the symbols, Parax Stone Paper must be recycled in plastics, not paper bin.